Me BWHello, my name is Michael Watt – Fine Art Photographer (Freelance)

Allusion Imaging is just not a title.  It is a whole mixture of meanings tied up into two words and that explains my artwork and photography.

Allusion means: An indirect reference to someone or something, an event, or art work.

Imaging means: The visual representation.

Put those two words together and that is where I come in and make it all happen into one.



I truly enjoy what I do as a photographer. No image is ever the same. Using my tools to unscramble what is stirring around in my head is what I like best. Most people have a camera now and days to take a picture, but,  photography goes much, much further than that for me.  It is imagination, precision, patience and history in the making. It is a piece of art being created. To capture time or something in the making. It is a part that can never be recreated and is something that never ends.

I began with an interest in photography back in 1992 (Some where in that time) during my military career in the Air Force. I had a love for photography to the point of purchasing and operating my first camera. And, yes, it was film. Something that always and still does make me wish was still around. Granted, digital is quick, and easy. But film captures the scene in a different way that digital just can not capture.

In 1996 I had my first break in photography.  That is when I became a photographer as a fire investigator. As a fire investigator my purpose was to collect, photograph and document evidence. To find the piece of the puzzle that started the whole event. Weather it was accidental or on purpose. I loved it. I was documenting an event that happened, letting history tell me a story from finish to start, until, all the pieces fit.   I have carried on the joy and enthusiasm as a photographer to this day. I am retired from the fire service and on my own as a photographer now.

Since my retirement I have ventured onto a wider range of photography. I wanted to know all aspects and use that to all of my abilities. Since then I have had the opportunity to be in Wine Enthusiasts Magazine, Photographers Journal, Firehole Ranch news letters and so on. I continue teaching myself to truly enhance my abilities. I am a self taught photographer, artist, preprocess and post processor. For me it is very exciting to meet new people and to bring a joyful lasting moment into their life and mine. Basically put, I enjoy documenting life and life’s journeys. I want to share with you how I visualize life and how I perceive the world.

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself”.   ~George Bernard Shaw

Thank you for partaking with me.

Michael Watt